The User Behavior and the Impacts for ASO

How the user behavior influences the ASO? ASO World team, the best aso service supplier, talk about it with you here based on our thousands of successful aso google play stories.

With the recent trend of internationalization, most of the current applications have become global. This phenomenon requires uninterrupted analysis of application data today to understand the benefits that users expect from using an application and why they use it.

This is vital information to help differentiate your marketing strategy and find the tools to implement it. Application data analysis can improve the optimization of the App Store. Every developer needs to check the latest trends in user behavior in 2020 to use this data to further improve the application.

How does user behavior affect ASO?

Download on Google Play and Apple Store

2020 has become a time to reveal the real difference between customers using Apple Store and Google Play. The first difference from the core is the number of users. Undoubtedly, due to the use of Android, one of the most widely used operating systems, Google has more users. This operating system is suitable for almost all portable and mobile devices today.

Another popular operating system, iOS, provides exclusive Apple services, thereby providing a single type of device, thereby reducing the number of users. Compared with the App Store, it is logical that the Google Play Store attracts more customers and downloads. Nevertheless, this information does not indicate that iOS has lost its position in the app store market. In addition, due to recent research, iPhone users buy more apps than Android users. In terms of quantity, Play Market has recently faced an increase in downloads from India, mainly for games and sports applications. The main reason for this increase is that the recent World Cup has brought a substantial increase in downloads.

Spending on Google Play android installs and Apple Store

In the figure, it is obvious that iOS users spend more on various applications and services than Android users. This fact has been proved in the first half of 2018. Android applications maintain a leading position in certain categories such as sports and games, with Google Play having the highest profit. Countries/regions that use sports, games, and entertainment apps are still the largest audience groups and generate a large portion of revenue. Application has become an essential part of every user’s life, which is really great.

Quantity and quality

The preferences of modern users are constantly changing, so developers and marketers need to deal with current trends in the app store market. In the beginning, people will use smartphone storage to download as many applications as possible because this is an exciting new experience. Today, the number of applications in smartphones is still very small. Modern users prefer quality over quantity and try to choose more applications that they need and want.

In other words, modern users prefer applications that have real quality and can be used for specific purposes, rather than using a bunch of applications with various unnecessary functions. This information must help developers figure out how their app can better attract target users. The more features you provide your customer, the easier it will be to convince him or her to download the app.

After understanding the current user behavior, you can greatly improve the application and ultimately increase downloads. Track the core components of the ASO strategy to understand what needs to be updated or changed in order to get better visibility and more downloads. Use the information and data you need to successfully complete the App Store optimization of the app, and occupy a higher position in the app ranking and conversion rate!

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