The Giant In-Network In NYSE ATEN Shares

The A10 Network deals in technology services and network solutions to help organizations ensure the organizations’ data network and applications are highly available, fast and secure offering your enterprise solutions, cloud storage, data services, security products, load balancing, application delivery, and service protection. It was founded in 2004 by Lee Chen and had its headquarters in San Jose, California. The stock symbol for the company is NYSE: ATEN.Are collector cars a safer investment than stocks? | Journal

Why is it has overtaken other technology stocks?

A10’s stock NYSE: ATEN has grabbed the attention of a lot of investors recently. This network includes 605 individual stocks and a rank of #5 on Zacks Sector Rank. The Rank emphasizes earnings estimates and keeps revising these estimates to find stocks that have improved output in earnings. Over 90 days, the Zacks estimate of NYSE: ATEN at and its earning moved 1600% higher. This shows a positive earning trend outlook. NYSE: ATEN had a profit of 28.09% so far this year. Whereas other computer and technology sectors have a return of 20.58% so far, this depicts the splendid performance of Aten amongst its peers.

A10 partner program

A10’s Affinity Partner Program is specially designed to reward the partner investment in the company. It commits to the partner’s success by capturing a great market share.

There are three partnership tiers offered by A10-

  • Bronze partner- It is for those who want to build a new income stream. They can sell the A10 solutions. The requirements are very limited, so are the benefits available.
  • Gold partner- These are the existing partners who have shown excellence in selling the company’s products. These partners introduce the company to its customers for better deals and opportunities and are offered professional training and other services.
  • Platinum partner- The individuals or organizations who are leaders in delivering the solutions from the company to its customers. They are also offered professional training and other services.

How does it help customers?

A10 networks help its customers by providing 24X7 availability of its application delivery and security services on cloud and on-premises. It supports a seamless migration to the cloud and cloud natives with hybrid solutions. Protects the networks from cyber attacks that might threaten the network availability. Simplifies it’s IT operations with automation, connected intelligence, machine learning, and the DevOps/SecOps tools.

Many big companies rely on A10 networks for protecting the business. It has over 6700 customers, 300+ patents. Operates in around 118 countries and om 10 of top-10 telecom service operators and 2nd on top-3 cloud providers. It is on 5th Rank in top-10 media companies and 8th amongst top-12 gaming companies. You can buy the stock share after knowing how to trade stocks.

Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.

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