The company deeply believes in mixing technology


Synaptics is an emerging leader in the field of smart and intuitive technology. It is a brainchild of two researchers, Federico Faggin and Carver Mead in the year 1986. Their interest in neural networks drove them to products like touchpads for the laptops and finger biometrics tools. During the early years of the laptop, creators collaborated with Synaptics to build sleek and touch effective laptops for Dell, Apple, and Compaq. Hence this led to the development of the first-ever touchpad. The headquarters of the company is located in San Jose, United States. The name of the company Synaptics or NASDAQ: SYNA at is a blend of synapse and electronics. The firm ranks 6th in the Computer and Technology Group.

More than 70% of its staff is working profoundly in the area of technology, manufacturing, and product designing. The company deeply believes in mixing technology with gadgets to bring out innovative devices. Apple’s i-pod mini, LG Prada Phone, and Samsung phone have used smart interface technology and created millions of ardent customers across the globe. Universal Remote Controls linked the capacitive touch features making it the first of its kind. In 2002 the company went public by offering IPOs. Notebooks had special and innovative features in them like pressure recognition, multi-finger, and variable- force input.

Its Touch Controller IC’s introduced the concept of touch-phones. The battery life and the image clarity in cell phones increased with the ClearView display drivers. Praise the integrated touch and display drivers for creating sleek and thin cell phones. Fingerprint Sensors secure the phone data and information when lost or stolen. Touchpad modules touch phones, laptops provide smooth touch, and sensitivity. It’s a treat for the music lovers, as NASDAQ: SYNA produces noise cancellation and higher-level sound technology in devices like cell phones and iPods.

It’s SentryPoint and Security Suite enables excellent fingerprint verification in cell phones and laptops. Flexible OLED is an upcoming innovation by the creators for better flexibility of the display screens. In July Synaptics acquired DisplayLink which is a leader in the field of docking solutions and high-quality video compression technology. Synaptics has collaborated with Amazon in producing voice interactive technology for speakers, and television.

Rich human-machine interface technology created a niche for Synaptics in the innovation market. Artificial Intelligence in Smartphones, notebooks, voice assistant devices, smart cameras has generated smart options for the customers. Gaming experience with Dolby, DTS, and THX certifications is possible due to its smart innovation in the field of headphones.

The motto of NASDAQ: SYNA seems to provide the customers with smart Artificial Intelligence devices at home for a reasonable cost.  You can do stock trading at stock market app.

Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.

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